ILS 2018

#15 Culture In ISKCON – Tradition Vs Modernity

In every society there is tension between two kinds of forces – the forces of tradition and the forces of modernity. ISKCON, as a society, is not an exception. This tension is all-pervasive and ever-present in our lives as devotees. This presentation aims to provide food for thought about how vital it is to preserve certain basic aspects of our tradition, both devotional and social, as they will serve as an anchor that will sustain us in the long-term. Without this anchor we will be left standing at the mercy of the raging winds of ever-changing (and mostly degrading) contemporary cultures. And yet it is imperative for us, as devotees and as a movement, to adapt to changing circumstances and times and to deal compassionately with those who do not somehow fit into the traditional mold. Striking a healthy balance between the traditional and the modern is the best way forward.

Bhakti Rasamrita Swami was formerly Temple President at ISKCON Chowpatty & at ISKCON Vrindavan. He is based at Belgaum (Karnataka, India) where he oversees a city Temple as well as a farm project striving for self-sufficiency. He is a member of the ISKCON India Bureau. He spends a significant amount of his time traveling & preaching.

HH Bhakti Rasamrita Swami

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