ILS 2018

#17 Think Succession: Planning for Leadership Transition

“One who is now the disciple is the next spiritual master.”- Srila Prabhupada. (SB 2.9.43) Strong leadership is integral for the sustainability of any organization. Whether a change occurs due to an unexpected vacancy or the anticipated move of a long tenured leader, planning for a smooth and thoughtful transition of leadership is crucial for effectively managing the challenges that arise when someone leaves a position. This seminar provides an overview on the need for succession planning and its implementation. It will deal with key issues faced in leadership transition and how best to overcome them within zones, temples and congregations. This seminar is relevant to all levels of leadership within ISKCON and will improve succession planning and management.

Rasa Krida Parayana Dasa came in contact with ISKCON in 1986 in Vrindavan and took initiation from Jayapataka Swami in 1993. He, along with his wife Apurva Shakti Devi Dasi, has been a congregational leader and preacher, expanding the Nama Hatta preaching programs in the Persian Gulf region since 1990. He joined the GBC Strategic Planning Team (SPT) in 2009, and at present is the Chairman of the GBC Succession Committee. He currently works as the Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) for a business conglomerate in Oman, where his family resides.

HG Rasa Krida Parayana Dasa

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