ILS 2018

#21 Attracting The Millennial Generation

For the first time in history, there’s a new rise of SBNR’s (Spiritual but not Religious) groups. This group is overtaking all other religions. Learn key elements and practical tips on how to attract these people to Krishna Consciousness. The millennial generation, (those born after 1982), make up half the World’s current population. We must gear ourselves up, so we are ready, as members of Srila Prabhupada’s mission, to help welcome this new constituency to Krishna Consciousness. To attract these youths to spiritual truths we have to bring out more personalism, dive deep into the foundations of our philosophy and generate interest amongst this unique generation.

Jaya Chaitanya Das has been the #1 book distributor in North America and #2 in the World for the last 3 years. Born in a Vaishnava family, he joined in 2013, and has been living in New Dwarka, Los Angeles since. In 2017, he was awarded the role of Chaplain at the University of Southern California. His college preaching programs have been widely successful and are attracting the youth in innovate ways. Jaya Chaitanya Das is also the founder of, a website which allows retreats for those interested in trying the “monk life”. His YouTube videos have generated over 100,000 views, inspiring the ISKCON community for creative preaching.

HG Jaya Chaitanya Dasa

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