ILS 2018

#22 Varnasrama without Gurukula? Just a Hobby

Although Srila Prabhupada consistently stressed the importance of Gurukula and personally endeavored to establish it, today the Gurukula system is neglected and even feared. Learn about the reasons for this “rejection.” Hear about Srila Prabhupada’s original recipe for making the Gurukula a success. This seminar is essential for those wishing the long-term success of ISKCON, for those concerned about the future of our children and for those eager to see varnasrama becoming a reality.

Kaunteya Dasa joined ISKCON in 1980. At present he serves as co-minister, with Jayapatak Maharaja, of the ISKCON Congregational Development Ministry; as co-chairman, with Gopal Bhatta Prabhu, of the GBC Organizational Development Committee; as a member of the GBC Strategic Planning Team and as trustee and faculty member of the GBC College for Leadership Development. He wrote several books and has a PhD in Indovedic Psychology.

HG Kaunteya Dasa

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