ILS 2018

#24 Youth Programs to Train Our Future Hope

“What existing and new systems should be in place to ‘keep the wheels moving?’ and “What training can be offered to our future leadership?”, “What culture and values need to be developed in order to maintain ISKCON’s purity,” and in a broader sense, “How will we fulfill Srila Prabhupada’s and Lord Caitanya’s desire to spread Krsna consciousness throughout the world?” Srila Prabhupada referred to our youth as “Our Future Hope” and “Vaikuntha Children.” Sociologists predict that the success of our movement depends on how well we retain our children. To ensure the wheels of ISKCON keep on moving, it is of paramount importance for temples to begin implementing youth programs for teenagers to train, engage, inspire and empower them in Krishna consciousness so they can become our future preachers, managers, and leaders. Learn how to start and maintain programs for youth growing up in your community, based on programs like Pandava Sena and the Youth Ministry Bhagavad-Gita Study groups and bus tours. Get ideas for weekly, monthly and yearly activities and best practices to transmit our culture and values to our next generation.

Manorama Dasa currently serves as the GBC’s ISKCON Youth Minister. He was raised in ISKCON, attending Vrindavan and New Mayapur (France) Gurukulas in the 1980s and is a disciple of Sacinandana Swami. Together with his wife, Jaya Sri Radhe d.d., they run bi-annual youth ministry bus tours and mission trips during summer and winter school holidays for youth of all ages. The also run weekly Bhagavad-gita study groups for youth in the New Raman Reti community, Alachua.

HG Manorama Dasa

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