ILS 2018

#28 Principles of Temple Administration – Devotee Focused Temple

This is the first principle of the GBC College Course – “Principles of Temple Administration”, taken by many current and future leaders within ISKCON. It starts with the most important principle of all our management activities – care for devotees. Unfortunately this is often the principle that gets neglected. A good leader understands that the devotees must be valued and if we invest in them then projects will automatically flourish. This seminar will look at the different levels of devotees, levels of devotee care, case studies and feedback etc. This seminar will give you some clear insights and tools to inspire a culture of care for devotees.

Jai Nitai Dasa, a second initiated disciple of Radhanath Swami, joined ISKCON in 1998 and came from a professional background of consultancy in software development/testing in the investment banking industry. He spent 10 years in the brahmacari ashrama heading up outreach and temple management. Now in the grhastha ashram he serves as Temple President of ISKCON-London, Regional Supervisor for London and the South-east, Zonal Supervisor of the UK and Euro RGB member. He has conducted seminars and courses in universities, corporates, previous ILS’s and is a faculty member of the GBC College.

HG Jaya Nitai Dasa

HG Bhava Bhakti Devi Dasi

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