ILS 2018

#32 Book Distribution and Beyond for the Future

This seminar offers useful tools for GBCs, sannyasis, Temple Presidents, sankirtana leaders, congregational leaders, and outreach program organizers. Innovative strategies are presented for increasing the number of devotees engaged in book distribution, increasing revenue from books, and attracting new people to Krishna consciousness through follow-up programs. The seminar includes practical and simple methods for training distributors, with special emphasis on encouraging congregational and young generation devotees, and engaging their specific skills and propensities in a variety of different ways of connecting people with Krishna through book distribution. In addition, further ideas are explored for translating books distributed into new devotees recruited through specially designed processes of cultivation, beginning from training the distributors and extending to unique follow-up programs.

Visvambhara Dasa is a disciple of HH Tamal Krishna Goswami. He joined ISKCON in Italy in 1981 and moved to the UK in 1984. He served as Temple President in Leicester, sankirtana leader at Bhaktivedanta Manor, and is an ISKCON UK Director. He is currently UK Co-ordinator for Book Distribution, a member of the National Council, and Chairman of the European Book Distribution Committee. He travels around giving seminars and training devotees in book distribution. He also goes out himself to distribute books on a regular daily basis. He is married to Jagannathesvari dd (ACBSP) and they have 2 grown-up sons.

HG Visvambhara Dasa

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