ILS 2018

#34 Vaisnava Relationships – Listen Up and be an Effective Leader

Temples have been lost and devotees have been neglected due to brittle relationships between leaders and devotees in general. Listening skills and effective communication are extremely important for effective leadership. Come and discover what you are doing wrong in communication and transform your leadership style. Learn to connect better and be an effective and appreciated leader.

Atul Krsna Dasa joined ISKCON’s Melbourne Mahaprabhu Mandir in 1985 and served as a book distributor and fundraiser from 1986 to 1996. Subsequently he preached village to village in Bangladesh from 1996 for 4 years, during which he learnt fluent Bengali. He began teaching, in both Bengali & English mediums, in the Mayapur Institute from 2000. He teaches Bhakti-sastri, Bhaktivaibhava, Teacher Training and Vaisnava Culture courses throughout India, Bangladesh, South East Asia, Australia and the Middle East. He currently serves as the Chairman of the ISKCON Board of Examiners, which sets standards for sastric study courses in ISKCON.

HG Atul Krsna Dasa

Sri Radha Govinda Devi Dasi is the president of MAPSS (Mayapur Astrologic and Psychosomatic Sacred Sciences) and the director of Bhakti Marriage System, a division of the ISKCON Congregational Development Ministry ( She’s the author of five books on Vedic astrology etc. and has given seminars in more than 20 countries, on 5 continents, in ISKCON and to the public at large.

HG Sri Radha Govinda Devi Dasi

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