ILS 2018

#36 The Game Point – The Mode of Goodness and the Economy

The environment which surrounds us has a lot of influence on the way we think. This presentation will discuss a community in Siberia which has cows and children and is building its way towards sustainability. They are developing a viable business model for ahimsa milk, honey and vegetables, based on a cooperative community sadhana. They have ingeniously woven some of the farm duties into their morning spiritual practices. This model facilitates harmony between spiritual life and economy. Their example is very relevant because it contains elements of living in the mode of goodness while maintaining good economic development. Their practice is fully sheltered by the vision of their GBC, the local preacher and the GBC ministry for cow protection and agriculture.

Kalakantha Dasa has been the ISKCON minister for Cow Protection and Agriculture since 2015. He has been working as a SPN, (Strategic Planning Network), member since 2013. He was born in Brazil in a family of farmers and teachers of agriculture. He has worked with various farm communities for the last 23 years and has visited ISKCON farms around the world. At present he is working on an ethical dairy equation for ISKCON. He has been running ISKCON Continental Farm Conferences. These Conferences have already been established in Europe, North and South America and there are plans to reach other continents in the next two years. He is based in Sri Mayapur with his family.

HG Kalakantha Dasa

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