ILS 2018

#37 Dialogue the Key to Success

Intercultural, inter-religious and institutional dialogues are the key pillars to being recognized, accepted and integrated into society. The values and principles of Vaisnavism are of great importance to the whole world, but to be able to communicate them effectively it is necessary to first harmonize with those that have long been key players in the sphere of cultural and religious exchange. Integration does not mean assimilation or watering your own principles rather it promotes mutual respect and will allow us to be invited to infuse Vaishnava principles in a concrete and direct way for the transformation of society. We will give practical tips, which have been gathered from much experience, to improve the spreading of Krishna bhakti at higher levels of inter-religious and multicultural dialogue.

Parabhakti Dasa of Italy joined the Hare Krishna movement in 1978, at the age of 16. After several years as a brahmacari, he married in 1985 and took on professional responsibilities to provide for his family. He has managed commercial companies and founded two national associations in Italy focused on environmental protection. He has trained and coached professionals for over twenty years. As an international traveler he encountered many cultures and peoples across the globe. This travel enriched his vision of the world and his insights into the varied ways Vaishnavas can contribute to society. For the last 15 years he has served exclusively in ISKCON and currently is: a Global Duty Officer, President of Villa Vrindavana, in Florence, Head of ISKCON Communication for Italy and a member of the strategic board for ISKCON Communications International.

HG Parabhakti Dasa

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