ILS 2018

#40 Building Better Teams: No More “My Way or the Highway”

Many of us remember an authoritative, uncaring leader in our past as a manifestation of bad—and sometimes painful—management. Such leaders often undermined our faith, discouraged our enthusiasm, and may have even stifled the progress of the movement. But, can we be sure that some of our ways of leading devotees is not similarly holding back ISKCON today? This workshop will equip leaders with the knowledge and practical tools to build better teams and serve ISKCON’s mission more effectively. We’ll examine simple, key components of team-based leadership starting with creating a common vision, empowering those under us, learning to share power wisely, and having faith in the next generation of devotees to take the lead.

Anuttama Dasa serves as ISKCON’s Minister of Communications. He joined ISKCON in 1975 in Denver, Colorado, USA, where he later served as Temple President. He has been a GBC member since 1999 and was GBC Chairman in 2014. Anuttama dasa also serves on the Executive Board of Religions for Peace USA and the Advisory Board of the Religious Freedom Institute. He is convener of the Vaishnava-Christian Dialogues in USA and India, and the Vaishnava-Muslim Dialogue in USA. He teaches globally and is a frequent interviewee for various media outlets. He and his wife, Rukmini, live near Washington, D.C.

HG Anuttama Dasa

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