ILS 2018

#41 Ambiguities in ISKCON Diksa

This presentation shows widely differing definitions of initiation given by Prabhupada, and explores the definitions given in scripture. Then it analyzes the present system and attempts to show how it developed. The present system will be compared with relatively simple traditional processes. The last part of the presentation will question whether we should simplify our process in order to keep disciples’ concept of their diksa guru within the structure of ISKCON.

Bhanu Swami is co GBC for South India, Malaysia and Japan, and a translator of Gaudiya literature and commentaries from Sanskrit and Bengali to English. He is also, a member of the Lines of Authority subcommittee in GBC strategic planning, a member of the Vaisnava Calendar subcommittee, and a member of the BBT Grants subcommittee. He preaches in India, Japan, Malaysia, Australia, Russia, Ukraine.

HH Bhanu Swami

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