ILS 2018

#43 Life after Initiation – Staying Alive, Vibrant and Blissful

Tired of hibernating in a survival mode like a floating device? Look for a game-changer and aspire for excellence. This seminar, designed for initiated devotees and those planning on taking initiation, covers the following.

1. A new beginning; clarify realistic expectations; cultivate meaningful relationships.
2. Practice open communication, which leads to cooperation and love and trust.
3. Dive deeper into the mission; be more relevant by having a mature service attitude.
4. Explore service in separation by understanding vani and vapu. Balancing the advice of siksa-gurus, diksa-guru, and mentors.
5. Imbibe, instead of imitating Srila Prabhupada’s mood.
6. Find out about different types of best and worst disciples.
7. Choppy waters: Never waste a good crisis — learn to grow from difficulties.

Experience a lifetime of transformation by keeping the connection alive.

Navina Nirada Dasa joined ISKCON in 1984 in Zurich, Switzerland. He is a disciple of Radhanath Swami and has over thirty years of experience as a coach and teacher in the fields of outreach and leadership. As ISKCON’s former Book Distribution Minister, he traveled the globe a dozen times or more, teaching seminars and conducting workshops. He currently serves in Mayapur and San Francisco.

HG Navina Nirada Dasa

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