ILS 2018

#44 Bhakti-Vriksha : A Proven Method for Congregational Expansion

This seminar presents the Bhakti Vriksha program as an effective method to boost the growth of temples and congregations many fold. This is exemplified by a large number of successful Bhaktivrikshas around the world. This model of expansion ensures the continuity of our growth since it is based on training new leaders within the congregation and increasing our capacity to reach out to larger groups of people. The workshop explains the systematic organization of small but resourceful groups of new devotees lead by more experienced preachers with the purpose of sharing responsibilities and mentoring others in Krsna Consciousness. Participants will be presented with the process of multiplication based on effectively attracting, training and caring for newcomers in that way optimizing the results of any preaching initiative.

Nityananda Ashraya Dasa is originally from Delhi and a disciple of Gopal Krishna Maharaja. He is serving in ISKCON as a full-time preacher since 2006 in Punjabi Bagh-Delhi, where he currently is a congregational supervisor and trainer. He also assists in other areas such as ISKCON Bahadurgarh, Roorkee and Panipat as a general manager and congregational coordinator. He regularly delivers training to leaders in North India in the line of Bhakti-vriksha Leadership and Community Development and has developed a set of Bhakti Vriksha Training modules, workbooks and a teacher’s handbook.

HG Nityananda Ashraya Dasa

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