ILS 2018

#47 Devotional Service: Explore, Encourage, Engage and Enhance

ISKCON centers and temples have expanded but the institutional framework has not been able to keep pace with this rapid expansion; it is akin to a tree with a thin trunk and several heavy branches. What would be the fate of such a tree? In addition to expansion ISKCON’s demographics have changed. ISKCON’s congregation now consists of Vaishnavas who are businessmen, computer professionals, investors, marketers etc. These are sincere devotees who have the skills to improve the emaciated institutional framework of our movement. Would Srila Prabhupada not consider their professional inputs to strengthen ISKCON? Think yukta-vairagya. A system to garner help from volunteers may help to connect qualified devotees to appropriate services. Please join us for an interactive seminar to explore this idea.

Tapana Misra Dasa, started associating with ISKCON in 1997 while studying at the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi. Over the following twenty years he experienced Krishna consciousness in different environments – university program, temple resident, congregation member and a yatra leader. He held senior positions in the secular world and represented sovereign entities on the Board of billion dollar enterprises. His current services in ISKCON are – Global Duty Officer (GDO), Org Dev member, Executive Director – Ministry of Education, Mayapur Master Plan Coordination Committee, etc. Has traveled to over 50 countries and resides in Mayapur with his family.

HG Tapana Misra Dasa

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