ILS 2018

#5 Inside ISKCON’s Economy: Faith, Governance, and Money

Informed by findings from the 2016 ISKCON Economy Study (IES), commissioned by the GBC, this seminar will examine the complex interrelationship between ISKCON’s money circulation and how it is accounted for within ISKCON. We will share IES results based on questionnaire responses we received from both institutional representatives (temple presidents and project leaders) and individuals (gurus and sannyasis).

During this seminar, we will propose ways to build confidence in ISKCON’s financial management system to maintain integrity and enhance donor support. Furthermore, we will discuss governance and disclosures, risk identification and mitigation, sustainable financial thinking, and financial planning for deity worship. While the thrust of the presentation will be to quantify ISKCON’s economy, it will also share best practices and propose a vision for ISKCON’s financial future. This seminar should especially benefit servants of the sankirtana movement endowed with the sacred duty and responsibility of handling of Krishna’s money and assets.

Govardhana Dasa was introduced to Krishna consciousness in 1982 and is a disciple of Bhakti Caitanya Swami. Govardhana has served as Temple President, Regional Secretary, and Co-Executive Secretary for the GBC and is currently Co-National Secretary for South Africa and a BBT Trustee. In addition, he is the chairman of the Board of Directors of Back to Godhead Magazine and serves as a Global Duty Officer. Govardhana Dasa is a Business Science academic and has served on over thirty company boards in both the public and private sector.

HG Govardhan Dasa

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