ILS 2018

#52 Morality and Ethics 1: “Embedding Organisational Values”

The presentation’s main purpose is to encourage ISKCON Leaders to give explicit attention to (1) ethics and morality (2) the deliberate nurture of organizational values. It will be relevant to devotees who consider that ISKCON has yet to fully embrace systematic ethical discourse, despite a broad valorisation of Srila Prabhupada’s character and moral teachings. This frank conversation will also be pertinent to devotees who, while unquestionably loyal to ISKCON, are concerned for the Society’s trajectory, and who favor introspection, moral accountability and a noble, virtue-based leadership. We anticipate attendees discovering that their moral intuitions are largely correct (though not always disclosed or openly discussed). To conclude, we examine a few tools to help apply our learning.

Rasamandala Dasa joined ISKCON in 1973 at Bhaktivedanta Manor. He served as national coordinator of ISKCON Educational Services and course director for a degree in Education Studies (at Bhaktivedanta College and validated by the University of Chester). He has authored several key texts, including the Illustrated Encyclopedia of Hinduism and was commissioned by the UK-based Avanti School Trust to help write its Philosophy, Religion & Ethics curriculum. He contributed to the development of the highly-popular VTE Teacher Training Courses and, more recently, training courses for the ‘Devotee Care’ Initiative. His research interests embrace pedagogy, philosophy of education and Hindu-Vaishnava ethics.

HG Rasamandala Dasa

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