ILS 2018

#57 Bhaktivedanta College: Relevant Education and Training for ISKCON Devotees

Bhaktivedanta College is an international educational institution for the benefit of ISKCON, its leaders and members. We offer onsite and online courses and degrees to help devotees. Mahaprabhu dasa, President of BC, will present the importance of training and education for the future development of ISKCON and Dinadayal dasa will present different courses offered for the above-mentioned purposes with emphasis on MBA, kirtan course/Connection.

Mahaprabhu Dasa – born in Montevideo, Uruguay in 1963. Son of a well-known artist Jose Gurvich. Studied Political Science at Syracuse University, USA. Joined ISKCON in Paris in 1982. Took initiation from Bhagavan dasa in 1983. Has done Sankirtana in France for 4 years and in 1987 moved to Belgium. Has performed many services in ISKCON and at present is ISKCON’s Communications Europe Minister and Director of the Museum of Sacred Art -MOSA- based in Radhadesh. He is also a member of the Board of Directors of the Hindu Forum of Europe and Belgium and is the President of Bhaktivedanta College. He also runs a Museum in Montevideo, Uruguay called Museo Gurvich dedicated to the life and works of his father.

HG Mahaprabhu Dasa

Dinadayal Dasa (BC/AFSM Admin Director) was born in Croatia in 1976. He has served at Bhaktivedanta College ever since he started studying there, in 2004. At BC he earned a Bachelor of Theology degree and holds a B.A. in Information Systems and Organization. Dinadayal completed a MBA through the Robert Kennedy College in Switzerland. He is a member of the Bhaktivedanta College Board of Directors and is one of the Trustees. His personal interest is in integrating spirituality and business.

HG Dinadayal Dasa

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