ILS 2018

#6 Getting ISKCON Out Of Internet Bankruptcy

You see it all around you, people are spending more and more time online, especially on their mobile devices. But, in Internet terms ISKCON is practically bankrupt, with negative online experiences, or at least irrelevant and ineffective experiences far outweighing the positive. This is not unexpected since most ISKCON centers are yet to have an online strategy for achieving their outreach goals. This seminar will focus on how your center or project can develop an effective strategy to use websites, social media and online marketing automation systems to spread Krishna consciousness.

Pancharatna dasa joined ISKCON in Toronto, Canada as a brahmacari in 1970. He went on to serve in ISKCON New York in various capacities until 1976 when he moved to Sri Mayapur. There he accepted many responsibilities including building construction, establishing the Bengali language division of the BBT, and establishing the SrI Mayapur Vikas Sangha NGO. He met his wife Atitaguna dasi in Mayapur and was married there in 1980. Together they raised four children, mostly in Mayapur. He currently resides in Mayapur and serves the GBC in various capacities primarily through ISKCON Online ( He is an active member of the GBC’s Outreach Committee and Constitution Committee as well. He also serves ISKCON Sri Mayapur as a member of the Mayapur Community Sevaks team and ISKCON India as Executive Secretary of the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Central Coordination Committee.

HG Pancharatna Dasa

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