ILS 2018

#63 Creating a High Level Strategic Plan for Your Project via one-on-one Consultation

Devotees throughout the world are striving to fulfil the mission of Srila Prabhupada to help people find true happiness. Your success can be multiplied by the simple methods of strategic planning. The GBC SPT is pleased to launch the Strategic Planning Support Team (SPS) which has been created with the main objective of providing education, facilitation, assistance and advisory services to ISKCON Leaders looking for support in their strategic planning efforts; This is not a seminar but practical one-on-one consultation sessions with members of the SPS team to bring you up to speed to create a strategic plan for your project. Please book a slot at the SPS booth at the ILS 2018 to secure your one-on-one session with a member of the SPS.
The SPS will assist leaders around the world (under the direction of the relevant GBC member(s)) to:
• Develop high level strategic plans for their zones, regions, temples, and projects;
• Assist in research projects related to strategic planning which devotees may wish to conduct;
• Advise on an appropriate approach and project structure to facilitate the execution of strategic plans;
• Conduct organizational and environmental scanning, and subsequent interpretation and use of those scans;
• Seek new and innovative ways to advance ISKCON’s mission; and
• Realize the basic tenet: “More Devotees, Happier Devotees”.

Become a Strategic Planning Regional Co-ordinator and facilitate Strategic Planning in your Zone or Area (1-hour workshop over 4 days (Presenters: Subhananda dasa & Smara-hari dasa)) Are you ready to take the next level in strategic planning? Are you ready to become a Regional Strategic Planning Co-ordinator?
Learn how to assist senior leaders to facilitate change and growth in your region or area through organized strategic planning.
Come and explore:
• The way forward towards implementing a practical Strategic Planning Framework for ISKCON.
• How we organize ourselves to enable effective planning in ISKCON.
• The importance of the Strategic Planning Coordinator role and how to become a Strategic Planning Coordinator in ISKCON.
• The values we will live and the culture we need to imbibe while planning. Become Vision Centered Cultural Ambassadors.
• The 8 steps to Strategic Transformation.
• The requirements for strategic planning. The tools & techniques to assist you to drive strategic planning in your area and understand the different levels of maturity in Strategic Planning.
• The 8 steps in the Strategic Planning Process with practical examples.
• Strategic Planning challenges and how to minimize them.
• Various Models of planning
• Areas of management such as Change Management, Risk Management, Documentation Management,
• The extent to which Strategic Planning is being adopted or embraced in your area and where you need to improve.
• The level of strategic planning in your area.

After attending this session, you will:
• Value the role of a Strategic Planning Coordinator.
• Understand the framework, tools and techniques to facilitate strategic planning in your region.
• Appreciate the lessons learnt to ensure strategic planning is successful in your region.
• Discover the improvements needed to mature strategic planning in your region.

To attend, you must register for it at the SPS Booth during the first two days of the ILS.

Subhananda Dasa, a disciple of Partha Sarathi Das Goswami, joined ISKCON in 1993. He serves as a member of the GBC Strategic Planning Team and the GBC Organizational Development Committee since 2013. He is the convener of the Strategic Planning Support Team. He has served as a member of the Sri Sri Radha Radhanath Temple Management Board (Durban, SA), and a director of Food for Life South Africa. In the secular world he has experience across a spectrum of industries, in part, assisting companies to stabilize, improve and grow their businesses to meet their vision. He is a post graduate in the field of Engineering, Construction IT and Strategy Management.

HG Subhananda Dasa

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