ILS 2018

#66 Cultivation Of Donor And Fund Development

Everybody has very clear understanding of importance of funds, but when it comes to taking initiatives to raising it, we find everyone takes a back step, understanding the challenges it has. So starting with the need to have clear perspective of this utmost fundamental service to preparing the fund raiser overcome barriers with respective to his own fears and making fundraising a fun. Finally understanding how to cultivate the donor so that fundraising becomes friend raising.

Basically want to give training for sustainable funding through different approach and cultivation of donor.

Devakinandan Dasa joined ISKCON at Vrindavan at the age of 17 years. In 1978 came to Bombay, ISKCON Juhu and since then has held various positions such as New Bhakta Director, Temple Commander, General Manager, Vice President, President, President of Bombay & Vrindavan Temples. He is also Bureau Members of ISKCON INDIA and Global GBC Minister for Fund Development.

HG Devakinandan Dasa

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