Here are some common questions
about ILS 2020.

General Info

Where is the ILS 2020 happening?

ISKCON Mayapur Premises

ISKCON Mayapur
Sri Mayapur Dham
Navadvip, Nadia 741313
West Bengal, India

Who can attend the ILS?

The ISKCON Leadership Sanga is designed specifically for devotees engaged in the following leadership services as well as those seriously aspiring to be engaged in these services in the future.

  • GBC Members
  • Gurus and Sannyasis
  • Zonal Supervisors
  • Regional Secretaries
  • Temple Presidents
  • Temple Vice-Presidents
  • Leaders of significant ISKCON projects
  • Developers of significant ISKCON projects
  • Bhakta-vriksha/Namahatta Leaders
  • ISKCON community Developers
  • Active Preachers
  • Sankirtan Leaders
  • Communications Officers
  • Those who are training for leadership positions
What are the dates of the ILS?

Starting Date: Friday, February 14, 2020

Finish Date: Thursday, February 20, 2020

Are there other significant dates I should know about?

Year 2020

Feb 11-22
GBC Meetings

Feb 13
TOVP Pujari Floor Opening
Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakur Appearance

Feb 14-20

Feb 18-21
Sravan Mela

Feb 22
Festival Inauguration
Kirtan Mela Adhivas

Feb 23-26
Kirtan Mela

Feb 27-Mar 5
Navadvipa Mandala Parikrama

Mar 5
Boat Festival

Mar 6
Ganga Puja (Ekadasi)

Mar 7
Shantipur Festiva
Elephant Procession

Mar 8
Immersion of Ashes

Mar 9
Sri Gaura Purnima

ILS Fees

Why is there a fee for the ILS?

There is a nominal fee for participants which helps us to build the infrastructure of the event, provide nice prasadam, offer excellent presentations, and facilitate the many services involved in making ILS a dynamic event, i.e. printing presenter’s materials, gifts, décor, tent structures, cleaning services, security, electricity etc.

What do the fees entitle me to?

The registration fee allows registered guests entrance into all seminars, workshops and evening programs plus three prasadam meals for the 7 days of the ILS program.

For those who register by December 1, 2019 the cost will be USD 139 (INR 9,850).

For those who register after December 1, 2019 the cost will be USD 149 (INR 10,500).

The cost will be USD 160 (INR Rs 11,350) for those who pay on arrival unless some previous arrangement is made during the registration process.


What about Transportation?
To arrange for your transportation from the airport or train station please visit


What about accommodations?

Registered guests will receive one bed in a room with at least one other guest.

Once you download your Registration Ticket please go ahead and contact Mayapur Guest House Booking (MGHB) for accommodation and book your room.
You can do this by sending an email with your Registration Ticket details to ilsmayapur@gmail.com.  This address has been created by them specifically for the ILS.  Please do NOT contact them via any other email regarding ILS booking.  Again the contact info for getting a room for ILS is:
Email: ilsmayapur@gmail.com
Person to contact: HG Sankirtan Nitaicand Das

Please note:
Registration for the ILS does not automatically secure your room.  Please follow the following procedure to book your room.
The ILS Team doesn’t handle any accommodation facility. The accommodation for ILS 2020 is only handled by MGHB. Timely registration for accommodation with MGHB will insure that you can get the best accommodations available.

Do I still have to pay the full registration fee if I don't need a room or I eat somewhere else?

The registration fee cannot be broken down into individual parts. If you do not take advantage of any of the offered facilities that your registration fee entitles you to, the same fee will still be charged. 

Thank you for your kind support and understanding.

What if I prefer a single room or have special accommodation requirements?

In case of special requirements such as:

  • you want to share a room with a particular devotee,
  • want a single room or desire to be in a particular guesthouse,

please inform the Mayapur Guest House Booking (MGHB) accordingly.
Email: ilsmayapur@gmail.com
Person to contact: HG Sankirtan Nitaicand Das

Especially in the case of special needs and requests, early registration is highly recommended. Increased costs may be incurred.

Will someone contact me from Mayapur Guest House Booking (MGHB) once I send them my registration number and request accommodation?

We humbly ask you to be patient in regard to getting notification about your room booking. The Mayapur Guest House Booking (MGHB) has already set aside adequate rooms for the ILS. However, sorting it all out and communicating with everyone takes time since there are a huge number of people requesting for rooms.

Please understand that the process may take a few days.


    What about Prasadam?

    The ILS fee covers a substantial breakfast and lunch as well as a light dinner and snacks per day.  There will be some identification which will allow you to enter the prasadam hall.

    For your convenience prasadam will be available the evening before the ILS, February 13, and breakfast will be served in the morning after the ILS ends, Feb 21. 

    What type of Prasadam will be served?

    Nicely prepared Prasadam will be served every day.

    We will do our best to provide for non-spiced and simple diets.  We will include steamed vegetables, plain rice, kitri and a variety of fruits, vegetables and grains in the menu.

    What if I want to bring friends and/or guest to eat with me at prasadam but they haven’t registered for the ILS?

    Prasadam tickets, for individual meals, will be available at the registration desk each morning throughout the ILS.

    Breakfast INR 150
    Lunch INR 200

    It is important that these tickets be purchased as early in the day as possible so that we have enough prasadam available. This is especially true for evening prasadam.


    What if I want to come and legitimately can’t afford the nominal fee?

    First try to find a sponsor yourself!!!

    If nothing works, then contact us privately for specific concerns at consider@ilsglobal.org

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