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Hare Krishna!

​If you have something you want to share via a stall, (also known as a booth to some), at the next ILS, Feb 4-11 2018, we want to give you all opportunity to make your offering to the assembled devotees. The stalls at the last ILS went well and many people participated by purchasing goods, learning about various projects and/or signing up for various opportunities. We had 30 ISKCON projects represented at the ILS 2016 and over half have already signed up for the upcoming event…so please let us know as soon as possible.

We are setting up this year’s area so that everyone participating in the ILS, about 1200 devotees, will be directed through all the stalls. They will have no choice but to walk by and see whatever it is you have to offer.  The area is prominently positioned directly in front of the main prasadam/ meeting/ entertainment venue.  And each vendor will have equal exposure.

All ILS participants are being given a large jute bag to carry things so feel free to print flyers, business cards, or booklets telling the ISKCON world what you do.  We hope that the booths turn out to be one of the highlights of ILS 2018, offering devotees enlivening insight into what is going on in ISKCON to help them in their service.

From our side the booth will have sufficient space for 2 tables, each approximately one meter long and ½ a meter wide.  They will have a 9-foot canopy above, and cloth walls on bamboo poles on four sides. They will be well lit and have access to electricity.  We are NOT providing internet and if you have your own portable internet facility we suggest that you have a backup plan in case the internet is unreliable, which it often is.

As the time draws near it is common for different people to be calling, writing, and tapping me on the shoulder requesting a stall.  Please do NOT do that. To get a clear idea of how many stalls we need to build, and also to avoid having unmanned or inactive stalls, we are asking for you to write to us and confirm your registration.

Each stall will cost INR Rs 1,000 (USD 16).

You can register by filling up the form beside. Your fees will be collected in our office in Mayapur before the event, starting in December.  We will meet you as you set up, if you do not pay before that.

For now, please reserve your space for a stall immediately so we know how many stall spaces we need to build.

After December 2017 a representative from each booth-holding entity will need to sign the contract and return it to me. Contracts will be sent via email to those who have reserved spaces. Information for their return will be included with the contract. All contracts will need to be turned in by the 4 of Jan. 2018.  At that time, we will begin construction and if your booth request contract is not officially submitted you will not have a space.

You are free to request multiple booths and we will adjust the space to your specifications as much as possible.

It should also be noted that we are not allowing people to have private tables or other independent sale tables near the ILS area and it will be necessary to contact Mayapur Management in order to sell or promote anything in other areas of the Mayapur campus.  The only place where sale or distribution of flyers, booklets, and other transcendental paraphernalia intended for the ILS attendees will take place is at the area we are designating for that purpose.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact via

Thank for your cooperation and looking forward to serving you at the ISKCON Leadership Sanga 2018!

Your servant,
Laxmimoni dasi


All spaces are full now.

Booth/Stall Booking is closed.

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