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Practical Steps for Implementing Devotee Care
ILS 2016 Seminar #1

Devotee Care in essence means Vaishnava Seva which is a very sacred principle of the Gaudiya Vaishnava tradition. To serve a Vaishnava means to serve his body, mind and soul. The traditional way of taking care of these physical and meta-physical needs of an individual was through the two-fold system of Varnashram and Guru Parampara. In the absence of the traditional Varnashram setup, ISKCON as a society needs to create eco-systems of care based on the principles of care in the Varnashram system which are:

IDENTIFY: Identifying the needs and nature of the individual devotee

GUIDE: Providing guidance and counseling accordingly

TRAIN: Training in the fields of Ashram, Lifestyle, Behavior, Philosophy, Skills etc.

ENGAGE: Engaging in suitable occupation duty/ services

NOURISH: Creating ambience and opportunities for emotional and spiritual nourishment through association

SUPPORT: Creating support systems for physical and social security


Practical Steps for Implementing Devotee Care


Following Eco-systems of care can be established in order to implement all-round care:

– Families of Care: e.g. Counselor/ Mentor system

– Academies of Training: e.g. Bhakti Shastri and Bhakti Vaibhava Academies, Culture & Education Academy, Bhaktivedanta Vidyapitha

– Departments of Service: e.g. Media Services, Crowd Care, Green Temple Committee, Sunday Feast Coordination

– Forums of Association: e.g. Gopal Fun School for children, ISKCON Youth forum for youth, Varishtha Vaishnava Sabha for elderly, Yatras & Counselee Meetings for one and all

– Committees of Social Support: e.g. Marriage Board, Credit Organization, Health Care etc.

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